sole craft moccasins


i inherited my craft from my father. he instilled in me, not only a craft, but a living link to the way and spirit of our ancestors. he taught that there is a great significance to each step we take and each word we speak. my hands speak moccasins into the world so that the paths of those who wear them will be blessed, that they may feel the earth beneath them, and the spirit within them. i intend to preserve and honor the wisdom and skills passed down to me, in the present, for future generations of ancestors yet to be born. 


i am the sole proprietor, designer, and maker of 23tribes  leather goods. my vision is that my moccasins will facilitate a more intentional experience of moving upon the earth. by utilizing locally sourced natural materials i honor the earth and maintain the sustainable ways of the ancestors. i believe that strengthening our sense of unity with the natural environment will strengthen our sense of unity with one another as human beings. the creative process connects me to, not only the past and future, but the timeless and eternal.