sole craft moccasins

Our moccasins are handmade, one at a time. They way they are suppose to fit is snug, like a glove, and in time you will wear into your pair of moccasins perfectly. 

Fit Guide

Our moccasins are made by hand: leather selection, cut,  carve, stain, and sewn, in order that your moccasins fit you perfectly we need your foot measurement. The reason for this is that industrial shoe size system varies and often times the measurement in CM does not fit the standard of another brand.  

Tracing Instructions

Shoe sizes can be a bit tricky, and tend to vary across different brands. So we have put together a guide for measuring your foot in less than 30 seconds.

In order to get the correct foot length. & width: Here’s what you’re going to need. Your foot (measure the bigger one and with your sock on), a pencil, a ruler, a piece of paper,a pair of socks a wall and a hard floor.

Here are the 5 Steps to get a more accurate foot measurement:

STEP 1. Make sure you are wearing a pair of socks for this measurement.

STEP 2. Stand firmly - leaning a bit forward with a piece of recycled paper underneath (use a hard floor).

STEP 3. Draw a thick circle around your foot, hugging the curves .  keep the pen at a 90degree angle as to not get underneath your foot while drawing. 

STEP 4. With the ruler you can measure from the heal to the longest toe as well as the width as seen below.  

Keep in mind that your foot is three dimensional, so a linear measurement of your foot is only an approximation of what your moccasin size should be.. IMPORTANT! Most moccasins fit a narrow foot very well. If you consider yourself having a medium to wide foot measure the width as well (around the ball of your foot) 

We also offer custom made moccasins. take a look/see at the gallery of past works. if interested in a custom creation Please email me angelique@23tribes.com for more info.


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